Why Ultimate Striker?

A Revolutionary Idea
The Angel Brand Ultimate Striker™is the new and revolutionary piece of equipment. It incorporates all the qualities of the traditional Makiwara, Wing Chung Dummy, Boxing Heavy Bag, Double End Ball, Speed Ball and the Thai pads into one machine. There is nothing like it on the market today.

No matter what your discipline is, you can develop power in your strikes and get in the best shape of your life with this machine. The secret of the Angel Brand Ultimate Striker™is the impact resistance and the ease and versatility of adjusting for your strikes. It is ergonomically designed for kicking with the perfect angle.

Intensify Your Workout in Less Time
With the Angel Brand Ultimate Striker™, you will be intensifying your workout and getting in the best shape of your life in less time. WHY?…

The Angel Brand Ultimate Striker™does not swing or move, so there is no lapsed time between each strike or kick. That means you are able to execute more techniques per minute, thus intensifying the workout.

Another unique feature is the spring mechanisms. It gives you the perfect amount of resistance to develop more power and allowing you to strike more times per minute, thus intensifying the workout.

In order for your body to gain optimal performance on your striking ability, your primary and secondary muscles must be developed for both kicking and punching. The Angel Brand Ultimate Striker™ gives you the unique quality of performing anaerobic and aerobic activity simultaneously. As a benefit of the resistance, anaerobic activity is achieved and muscle growth is developed.

This revolutionary machine also allows you to condition your cardiovascular system and endurance levels to their fullest, giving you the aerobic training that will be your leverage in gaining maximum resistance. The combination of these elements results in maximum power and resistance within the muscle evolving to a more effective strike. Through proper form, technique, and resistance, you can do it all with Angel Brand Ultimate Striker™.

It Holds the Thai Pads
Thai boxers are most famous for their powerful kicks. In training, they use Thai pads that give them resistance, resulting in their power. As a result of this training, there is the risk of injury for the person holding or the person kicking them.

Conventional bags as well have the downfall of swinging when you hit them and have no proper angle for kicking. Essential to developing real power, you must have adequate and secure resistance. Angel Brand Ultimate Striker™ was designed to hold these Thai pads in various forms. It was created to give maximum resistance and stability through any target amount of force, eliminating all injuries due to the negligence of a spotting partner or a swinging bag.

NOW, for the first time, you, as well as your partner can let this amazing machine absorb the shock of your strikes! Angel Brand Ultimate Striker™ can be adjusted in seconds to the desired height. One minute of training with the Angel Brand Ultimate Striker™ equals five minutes on other impact training equipment.